About Us

Who We Are:


We're on online heavy metal podcast show based in Chicago, Illinois that caters to fans of EVERYTHING METAL!!! Since 2011 we have been dedicated to interviewing, supporting, playing and promoting unsigned metal and punk bands. From the local areas from our hometown to bands from around the world, our show has no boundaries!!! Every week we interview a band, play their music and help promote them. We also feature one unsigned band pick on our "Hey! Look What I Found" segment.  

           All of our shows can be found on our website under the Past Guests tab and the "Hey! Look What I Found" tab.  

We wanna help you! Send us your demos! We will hand them out at shows for you (contact us for a shipping address), or feel free to e-mail songs (in mp3 format) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a chance to hear them get played on the show. This is a great opportunity for any band that is looking for more promotion. We are also currently looking for groups and or people interested in having a commercial on our show or advertising on our website. Contact us for more info!!!  


Luco's "Super Sexy Shower Pick Of The Day"

Submit your physical copies of CD's to The Metal Experience to be featured via Facebook as "Luco's Super Sexy Shower Pick Of The Day"  You can get information by emailing us or hitting us up on facebook for more details.