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"Rabbi" Dave - (Former) Sound Engineer

         I love music, soda, candy, & cartoons. That's the short version want the long one? Ok here it goes, I've loved music since I was a kid and I thank my 2 older siblings for that my older bro especially being the metalhead that he was/is. If you know who I am then you know my parents are pretty cool with what I do and look like, considering currently I have a 6inch tall green mohawk.

       My dad is into Black Sabbath and classic rock, my mom is into all kinds of music. As you may expect I am a musician I dabble in drums and bass but my main drive is guitar my influences span all over the place you name them I might just like something about them. In Jr. High I found punk rock and never looked back. From there I found a ton of bands spanning all over the genre spectrum.

       I've been going to local shows since high school and I love it. Since then I've been a roadie for a local ska punk band known as Shortstop From Tokyo, I've also been there resident documentarian. I want to go on doing that and hopefully get paid in something other than free music and food. Hey we all have make a living right? Something else I would want to do is have a music show on the radio or the internet where ever people will listen to me.

    Music means a lot to me and not just the superficial stuff, the look of punk to an outsider can be abrasive but believe it or not it helps draw others to it. If you see someone with multi colored hair and a painted jacket, and your first thought isn't to run the opposite way you know you can be counted among friends when you go to the show. It's more than just a look, it's a sense of community and when you're at a show in a pit, it's a way to forget how much the world sucks and nothing else matters it's just you and the music. "Be proud to be punk, be proud to be psycho, a rude boy or skinhead, believe in the spirit."