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Nixx Presta (Photographer)

            Born 30 minutes outside of New York City, it wasn't until she moved to Chicago in 2008 that her intense love for Metal took full force. In her small hometown of Pomona, NY this shy, timid girl dreamed of moving to Chicago and working with bands. She started shooting local bands at 16 in her hometowns only two venues (a basement of a Library and a Church). Studying to be a Music Business major at Columbia College turned this shy small town Photographer into not only a Photographer but also a save business women who booked bands for shows and handled promotions/advertising/street teaming. When she graduated in 2010 she went strictly with her passion; Live Event Photography. From 2012-2016 she immersed herself into the Metal/Punk/Hardcore scene. She worked with locals as well as many notable national Rock and Metal acts. Her true passion will always be to help local, upcoming Metal bands in the scene. Nixx Presta is happy to join the Metal Experience and shoot and promote more local and national Metal and Hardcore bands.