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              Back in July we held our first ever ReverbNation contest seeking out bands to submit their music for a chance to win an opportunity to be played on our show.  We were overwhelmed with the response and had over 850 submissions.  In the end,  Indiana metalcore band Glass Hands were one of two lucky winners.  I was extremely excited when I stumbled across them in our list of submissions, they just stood out the moment I pushed play. Their sound was polished and they knew how to present themselves professionally. I emailed the band after the contest ended to get to know more about the guys and was very happy to have vocalist Adam Anderson respond to my inquiring questions.


"How did Glass Hands come into fruition?"

"We realized that Glass Hands needed to happen when we had seen ourselves outgrow the old image of “Infamous,” which was our previous name. Our sound has changed a lot since we started writing music, and the new path is a lot more specified and mature."


"What does the band name mean?"

"The music we were writing and the lyrics Adam put down for our first EP had a lot to do with the fragility of time, and we had been messing around with finding a name that fit that vibe until we came up with Glass Hands, like the hands of a glass clock. We felt like this was fitting, original, and marketable enough to pursue. Adam wrote this to sum up what the EP and new name means, and we put it in the booklet:


“We walk through this life without proper legs
We think in circles from dirt to dirt
Through these glass clocks we count the minutes
Until these glass hands can no longer tick
These instants, only fragile in the palms that let them be”


"In just over a year, you have created a pretty awesome following with fans. What do you contribute that to?"

"We’ve been promoting hard on social media and thankfully a lot of people who have heard our music have been active in sharing it with others. We are so thankful, and so happy to see people reacting to the new sound so positively. Hopefully we can land in the right places at the right times to keep that kind of movement going."


"What metal genre would you categorize yourselves in?"

 "We would primarily call it metalcore. We have a lot of outside influences and we try to throw it in and change things up but for the most part, we like to stick to metalcore and melodic hardcore sounds."


"What musical influences does each of the members have?"

"We listen to a lot of pop, rock, pop punk, hardcore, and pop rock to influence our sound. Some of various influences of the band include: Architects, A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, Issues, Silent Planet, Counterparts, Fit For A King, Breaking Benjamin, Guns N’ Roses, The Fray, The Plot In You, and Wage War."


"How does the band’s writing process work?"

 "We used to write altogether in a room with our instruments out, but in the past few years we’ve adopted a way of working on an idea, and sending it back and forth to each other. Sometimes we will get together and write as we record, collaborating together in the same space."


"Who designed your logo?"

"Conner Jones designed our logos, artwork, and a couple other upcoming designs. He’s really professional and great to work with."


"You have a music video on your Youtube page for the song “Alone”.  Who shot that, where was it filmed and what is the premise behind it?"

"Brian “Bone” Thorburn shot the video, as well as edited and directed it. It was filmed at an abandoned property in Noblesville. The Idea was to recreate the desk from the album cover, and do some fire and eerie special effects."


"The EP “Exit Letters” was released a little over a year ago.  Who did you record that with?"

 We also recorded that with Bone!"


"How long did it take for the recording process?"

 "It was about one or two full weeks of recording, but then a few months of producing the mix to get it  just how we all wanted it."


"If you could chose one song to show someone that defines Glass Hands as a band sound wise, what song would you tell them to listen to?"

 "As far as current releases go, ‘Alone’ would be the best thing to hear if you are a new listener. It sums up our metalcore side. If you want to hear some more of the variety in our sound I’d say listen to ‘In The Hands of A Broken Man’ which shows some more of the instrumental and melodic things we do."


"What did you find to be the most challenging thing about recording?"

"For us, the most challenging thing about recording is not getting too stuck on the way that things are in a song, because we end up changing a lot of things that we fall in love with. We struggle sometimes to stay open minded when we’re sold on an idea, but we’re pushing ourselves fix this."


"Where is the furthest place the band has had the opportunity to play?"

 "We were able to play a few shows in Austin, Texas surrounding SXSW this past summer, and getting out that far away from home was so much fun. That’s the widest that we’ve spread our music by touring and we can’t wait to push the boundaries farther."


"Where is a place that the band has yet to have the chance of playing at that you would like to perform at?"

 "We really want to get deeper into the mid-atlantic and southeast in the near future. We’re also excited to get to the west coast for the first time in our upcoming tours, hopefully getting to play at Chain Reaction."


"Are there any tour plans coming up?"

 "We are currently planning some small tours for next summer, hopefully covering certain nearby regions week by week, roughly."


"What merchandise do you have available for fans to purchase?"

 "We have shirts, CD’s, tickets, other stuff and new stuff coming soon all on our website!"


"What’s next for the band?"

 "The next thing is to release some new music and tour on it heavily. We hope everyone likes what we have coming, and that they can show it to a friend. We want to make this our living so badly and we’re about to start pushing really hard in 2018. We can’t wait to get back out to Texas, hopefully hit some coasts and meet lots of new people!"


          I highly recommend checking out Glass Hand's EP "Exit Letters", it's an EP that every metalcore lover would enjoy.  I am super excited to see what happens next for this young up and coming band.  These guys have worked hard and gotten so much accomplished in a short amount of time and still have room to grow.  Thank you again to Adam Anderson for responding to my questions.  I've learned a lot and cannot wait to hear more music and catch them at a show in the near future.


- Morgan-Daniell



Glass Hands Is:

Adam Anderson - Vocals
Jon Iosue - Guitar
Jack Rainbolt - Guitar
Spencer Tillman - Bass/Vocals
Drew Johnson - Drums




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        A little over a year ago,  Florida technical death metal band Abiotic sadly called it quits.  We had watched the band grow immensely over the years after we found out about them back in 2012.  Travis had been the bands vocalist from 2014 - 2016, and put out the album "Casuistry" with the band.  We had multiple opportunities seeing the band when they came into Chicago and enjoyed every minute that we got to see them play.  When they band announced their breakup, we had hoped to see all the guys continue with their music careers, as they were all very talented individuals.  Lucky enough, Abiotic's facebook page is still active in order to keep fans updated on the future endeavors of the guys, and we found out that Travis was back with his original band in The Undying

The band recently released their first single and music video for "Unnatural Malignancy" on August 13th, and played their first show ever as a band just a couple weeks after that.  I had a chance to reach out to Travis and get the inside scoop on The Undying and what the band plans on doing next.


"How did The Undying form?"

"We Formed in 2012, Nick and I were playing in a couple local bands at the time and he said he had some death metal songs he wanted me to put vocals on, we did the first track and it was amazing. Both of us were completely blown away, then we decided to take things a little further and he wrote a couple more songs which ended up being used so I (Travis) could tryout for a band in Florida, Abiotic. Which ended up happening so the band got put on the back burner for about 3+ years."


"Was "The Undying" the only name the band has had? What other names did you brainstorming before deciding on this one?"

"Oh man, we probably went through about 75 names and it always just came back to the Undying, which is what Nick had named the project from day one. What is the meaning behind the name? The name comes from HP Lovecraft and we felt it was the perfect description of the Elder ones, The Undying. It just fit. Also, Nick came up with the name and I just kinda ran with it haha."


"Where do you draw your inspiration from?"

"We draw most of our collective inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft, where all of the songs are influenced from his books. Individually and as a group, who are some of the influences in music (does not have to be metal). Dimmu Borgir, Carach Angren, Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse are some really big ones. Travis, you mentioned that you were in this band before doing vocals for Abiotic, and that The Undying went on hiatus for a bit for you to do that."


"How did being in Abiotic help you and prepare you for returning to The Undying?"

It helped because I honestly had never played in a death metal band prior to them. I had always played in metalcore bands which had both singing and screaming, so I was never doing an entire song on vocals. My voice matured a lot in the three years I was with Abiotic. I also learned how to write death metal vocals, along with the right patterns.


"How have you seen the metal genre change over the years? Is it better or worse from when you became a part of the scene?"

"It's definitely gotten faster, heavier and more technical. Look at Archspire, Origin, Decrepit Birth, they all put out albums and they are insane. I'm excited to see where metal is in 20 years due to the progression we are seeing in the last 10-15 years."


"You guys just released a beautifully shot music video for your first single "Unnatural Malignancy". Who shot that video? Where was it filmed and what is the concept behind it?"

"It was shot by Andy Chen ( It was filmed in Half moon Bay, CA and then in the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA. The concept was written by Nick. The video is a great representation of the title. The two women we have walking this man to his death have an unmatched hatred towards humans. All of us share the same feelings towards inequalities that women face on a daily basis, so we decided to make them the captors in the video. Women are normally seen as the weaker sex, so in the video we wanted a man to be beaten, captured and perform self sacrifice, and I mean who doesn't like watching women beat up men? (insert sexual innuendo here)."


"How does your writing process work?"

"Nick writes pretty much everything, and he generally will send Brent and I the songs to see if there's anything we want to tweak. Brent will then change up riffs, and then Nick and him will bounce ideas back and forth. Nick and I focus on the vocals and vocal patterns. Nick is the main contributor to the writing process."


"The upcoming music you are releasing, will it be an EP or a full length? Any title for it?"

"It will be a four song EP, then we are going to follow up with an LP. No name yet, still working out the details behind it."


"The band's first show together was actually this past August (August 19th, 2017). How did that go? How was the crowds reaction?"

"It was honestly amazing, way better than we could have expected. We love the metal scene here along with the people that make the shows happen (shout out to Pin Up Productions). The crowd seemed to love it, unless they are great actors and blowing smoke up our asses."


"What plans do you have for the future of the band?"

"Tour and destroy the world. Well okay, just tour and see how far playing death metal can take us."


             I would like to thank Travis once again for his time.  We know that fans are anticipating even more music in the next couple months and are eagerly waiting to see the band play a city near them (I know personally I cannot wait for a Chicago date).  For now, be sure to follow the band's Facebook page and Youtube channel for further updates.  


- Morgan-Daniell



The Undying Is:

Travis Bartosek - Vocals
Nick Loiacono - Guitar
Brent Rockwell - Bass
Jared Klein - Drums


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