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Sep 27

The Undying (San Francisco Bay Area, CA) Q&A

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        A little over a year ago,  Florida technical death metal band Abiotic sadly called it quits.  We had watched the band grow immensely over the years after we found out about them back in 2012.  Travis had been the bands vocalist from 2014 - 2016, and put out the album "Casuistry" with the band.  We had multiple opportunities seeing the band when they came into Chicago and enjoyed every minute that we got to see them play.  When they band announced their breakup, we had hoped to see all the guys continue with their music careers, as they were all very talented individuals.  Lucky enough, Abiotic's facebook page is still active in order to keep fans updated on the future endeavors of the guys, and we found out that Travis was back with his original band in The Undying

The band recently released their first single and music video for "Unnatural Malignancy" on August 13th, and played their first show ever as a band just a couple weeks after that.  I had a chance to reach out to Travis and get the inside scoop on The Undying and what the band plans on doing next.


"How did The Undying form?"

"We Formed in 2012, Nick and I were playing in a couple local bands at the time and he said he had some death metal songs he wanted me to put vocals on, we did the first track and it was amazing. Both of us were completely blown away, then we decided to take things a little further and he wrote a couple more songs which ended up being used so I (Travis) could tryout for a band in Florida, Abiotic. Which ended up happening so the band got put on the back burner for about 3+ years."


"Was "The Undying" the only name the band has had? What other names did you brainstorming before deciding on this one?"

"Oh man, we probably went through about 75 names and it always just came back to the Undying, which is what Nick had named the project from day one. What is the meaning behind the name? The name comes from HP Lovecraft and we felt it was the perfect description of the Elder ones, The Undying. It just fit. Also, Nick came up with the name and I just kinda ran with it haha."


"Where do you draw your inspiration from?"

"We draw most of our collective inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft, where all of the songs are influenced from his books. Individually and as a group, who are some of the influences in music (does not have to be metal). Dimmu Borgir, Carach Angren, Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse are some really big ones. Travis, you mentioned that you were in this band before doing vocals for Abiotic, and that The Undying went on hiatus for a bit for you to do that."


"How did being in Abiotic help you and prepare you for returning to The Undying?"

It helped because I honestly had never played in a death metal band prior to them. I had always played in metalcore bands which had both singing and screaming, so I was never doing an entire song on vocals. My voice matured a lot in the three years I was with Abiotic. I also learned how to write death metal vocals, along with the right patterns.


"How have you seen the metal genre change over the years? Is it better or worse from when you became a part of the scene?"

"It's definitely gotten faster, heavier and more technical. Look at Archspire, Origin, Decrepit Birth, they all put out albums and they are insane. I'm excited to see where metal is in 20 years due to the progression we are seeing in the last 10-15 years."


"You guys just released a beautifully shot music video for your first single "Unnatural Malignancy". Who shot that video? Where was it filmed and what is the concept behind it?"

"It was shot by Andy Chen ( It was filmed in Half moon Bay, CA and then in the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA. The concept was written by Nick. The video is a great representation of the title. The two women we have walking this man to his death have an unmatched hatred towards humans. All of us share the same feelings towards inequalities that women face on a daily basis, so we decided to make them the captors in the video. Women are normally seen as the weaker sex, so in the video we wanted a man to be beaten, captured and perform self sacrifice, and I mean who doesn't like watching women beat up men? (insert sexual innuendo here)."


"How does your writing process work?"

"Nick writes pretty much everything, and he generally will send Brent and I the songs to see if there's anything we want to tweak. Brent will then change up riffs, and then Nick and him will bounce ideas back and forth. Nick and I focus on the vocals and vocal patterns. Nick is the main contributor to the writing process."


"The upcoming music you are releasing, will it be an EP or a full length? Any title for it?"

"It will be a four song EP, then we are going to follow up with an LP. No name yet, still working out the details behind it."


"The band's first show together was actually this past August (August 19th, 2017). How did that go? How was the crowds reaction?"

"It was honestly amazing, way better than we could have expected. We love the metal scene here along with the people that make the shows happen (shout out to Pin Up Productions). The crowd seemed to love it, unless they are great actors and blowing smoke up our asses."


"What plans do you have for the future of the band?"

"Tour and destroy the world. Well okay, just tour and see how far playing death metal can take us."


             I would like to thank Travis once again for his time.  We know that fans are anticipating even more music in the next couple months and are eagerly waiting to see the band play a city near them (I know personally I cannot wait for a Chicago date).  For now, be sure to follow the band's Facebook page and Youtube channel for further updates.  


- Morgan-Daniell



The Undying Is:

Travis Bartosek - Vocals
Nick Loiacono - Guitar
Brent Rockwell - Bass
Jared Klein - Drums


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