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Dec 07

Noxii Arena (Bristol, Rhode Island) Q & A

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            "As my first official interview under The Metal Experience, I had the pleasure of being able to interview Noxii Arena. I wanted to focus on the knowledge and advice they have to offer other musicians as well as learning about their progression as a band."


"Describe your band in 5 words."
"Heavy, Moving, True, Exciting, and definitely fun."

"What's the general meaning of the song "Bred For Annihilation"?"

"Bred For Annihilation stems from the idea of zombies and kind of focuses on the process of going from a living human to a lifeless zombie. The song goes through the emotions somebody might have seeing somebody they know going from a sane person to a creature bred to kill, bred to annihilate."

"During the process of writing the lyrics, what emotions/thoughts were contributing to how you wanted the song to be portrayed?"

"Typically Andrew would listen to the music first, let the music wash over him. He says that during the process he likes to connect himself with the sounds/feelings of each track to get an understanding of the direction he wants to go in with his lyrics. At the time of writing these lyrics Andrew was watching a lot of the hit TV show The Walking Dead and various other zombie flicks. The way the song sounded felt right to go with this sort of a classic zombie theme.

"One man. One horse. To complete it"
Some may see a reference immediately, but everyone else and for the sake of clarification, what does this lyric symbolize?

The lyric “One Man. One Horse. To complete it” represents the four horsemen of the apocalypse, specifically the horsemen of death. We thought it was a cool way of saying death is apparent."

"In terms of writing, what would you say is the most fun part of the writing process?  The least fun part of the writing process?"

"The most fun part of writing for us is when somebody comes up with a part and the whole is feeling it and grooving to it right away. That’s when writing is easiest because that ends up being a very natural way to write. The complete opposite of that is when one or maybe two of the guys are really feeling a part and the rest of the band just can’t find the same interest in it. That would have to be the least fun/most frustrating part of writing."

"Walk me through your typical preshow/studio warm ups or rituals."

"We all make sure to have a solid practice before a show either the morning of or day before. Right before our set we always make sure we’re all loose, relaxed and confident. Whether that means having a few drinks, warming up a little before the set, taking a nap, we all do something different. We’re at our best when we’re playing loosely and having fun up there."

"How does your vocalist take care of his voice? Do you have any advice for other heavy vocalists?"

"If anything, stay hydrated. Hydrating is one of the most important things a vocalist can do. Warm ups are key as well because it helps prep your vocal chords for your performance. One more thing to add is stay away from sugar or drinks that have a lot of sugar in them."

"What's the most trouble you've ever gotten into as a band?"

"We’re all pretty respectable guys and mild mannered so we avoid trouble pretty well, but there was one time when we were trying to promote a bunch and slap our stickers everywhere. You could say the tour manager for Between the Buried and Me wasn’t too happy we slapped a Noxii sticker on their tour bus. Haha."

"When listening to music on tour/driving to a show, whats everyone's guilty pleasure?
(Example: My band mates is One Direction, don't know why but it is)"

"We try to listen to metal right before a performance just because it pumps us up the most. If we’re just listening to music to listen to music anything goes pretty much. We usually stray towards other rock genres as a band. Sometimes some oldies or even some rap to mix it up."

"After attending a show, what's the one thing you want people to walk away knowing about you as a band?"

"We always want people to hear the quality in our live performance. Seeing it is just as important but we don’t wanna be that band that is only good on the album, listening in your car. We also hope people take notice to the passion, energy and emotion we put in each song and hope they can walk out of our show as a fan."

"I'm a new fan and I've liked what I heard so far, what can we expect in the upcoming future for Noxii Arena?"

"We still have a video or two to be on the look out for with our latest album. We’ve also started gathering ideas and writing a few things for our second album."

"Where can we find everything and anything Noxii Arena?"

"We’re on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, ITunes, Spotify, and more. We try to showcase our music through as many known outlets as we can."


    "We would like to thank Andrew and Jon for taking the time to communicate with us.  We would also like to thank the band for their patience while we put together this finished article.  Be sure to add the band on their facebook page so you can follow their updates and check out their youtube page for their latest live video for their song "The Pillaging", which you can find by following the link here: This song was recorded while they shared the stage with Whitechapel back in November."


- Connor Prokaski


Noxii Arena Is:

Andrew Shea - Vocals
Jared Souza - Guitar 
Mike Ferrara - Guitar
Matt Perreault - Bass 
Jon Camelo - Drums


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