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             A few months ago we were introduced to the almighty Italian metal band Methedras thanks to a show they got to play in Chicago at Reggies.  It was our first time hearing of the band because our friends in Beyond De-th and Bloodletter told us that they were playing that night with the band.  It was an opportunity we thought. How often do we get to see a band from Italy play in Chicago, let alone on their first ever U.S. tour?!  At the end of the night, we were super glad that we attended. These guys put their heart and souls into their music and performance.  It was exciting to watch them bring such intensity.  I walked away that night thinking what an amazing experience I had just been a part of.

           I reached out the band after I knew the U.S. tour was over and that they were back safe and sound back in Europe, in hopes that they would be interested in maybe doing an interview for our website.  Their quick appreciated and heartfelt response made this interview even more meaningful.  Thank you to Daniele "Dani" Colombo (guitarist) for taking the time to answer these questions and to their corresponder Andrea for helping us get in touch with the group.


"What does your name mean and how did you come up with it?"

"The name Methedras came from the Tolkien’s book “The Lord Of The Ring”, from the second chapter “The Two Towers”. The idea to call the band with this name was something happened instantaneously, we read it and we immediately felt in love since we liked so much the sound that came out pronouncing it and its meaning in the Tolkien language: fierce, loneliness, strength."


"How would you describe your music for someone who hasn't listened to you yet?"

"Our music is a mix of two of our preferred kinds of metal, Thrash and Death, that we strongly wanted to combine since the beginning of the band, now with new rock and progressive influences, something which could be considered a natural way during the evolution of a metal band."


"Is there a distinct style that you can hear from being from Italy that you don't hear in American metal?"

"Well yep, I can recall for example some kind of gothic refrain in our riffs, most of all in some of our solos, a much stronger melodic and structured progression everyone can understand while listening to our songs."


"Growing up, what got you into music and then what bands got you into metal music?"

 "In the very beginning I liked to play punk rock music, then when I listened for the first time to Iron Maiden everything permanently changed, and from that moment I started to play Heavy Metal on my guitar, I still remember every single note of the “Rock In Rio” album!"


"What was the best concert you have ever attended?"

"I think that one of the best shows ever attended has been when I saw Meshuggah for the first time in Wacken some years ago.. it was 2:00 AM in the night, I was crawling towards my tent when I stepped by a secondary stage, the last gig of the day, and I still remember I was caught by those “Aliens” playing their incredible show made of gorgeous dissonances and astonishing lights!! Literally INCREDIBLE :O."


"Coming to North America for your first ever tour, what was your overall reaction?"

 It was exciting to come and play in the US, it’s like a dream come true for us, and definitely one of the highlight of our history, we have a lot of good memories about it, we met a lot of new friends, fans and visited a bunch of amazing “hot” places!"


"Did you try any foreign foods that you never had before?"

 "We really liked the American street food, something that personally I ever wanted to try once in my life, and this is kinda movie-related for me since I always watch lots of American movies where all the time people have tons of hamburgers, hot-dogs and burritos ;)"


"What was one of your favorite experiences in the states?"

 "For sure visiting cities and places which until now we only saw in movies, like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, I was really shocked (in a positive way of course) when I was in that cities, even now it’s hard to think that I stayed there just a couple of months ago!!"


"Did any particular show or venue stand out the most?"

 "Definitely I need to say Norwich, CT. The crowd was really incredible, and we burnt one of the best stage of the entire tour, the feeling while playing was incredible, full of energy and fun, with a packed-crowd moshing all the time, singing and asking in the end for an encore!! Amazing!"


"What's the difference between touring out here compared to Europe?"

 "One of the differences is certainly on the logistic aspect, the distances are really huge in US, with a lot of road to drive every day, but of course it’s a part of the game! Another thing is the incredible kindness and hospitality of the local bands and venues, we met adorable guys who helped us a lot and also supported us sharing their backline and even their payroll!!"


"What's the hardest part of touring?"

"Well, travel every day for hours and hours seated in a van, sometimes could become hard, especially when you’re at the end of the tour, and the tiredness is becoming so strong and pretty overwhelming."


"You have been a band for over 18 years now, how has your music evolved since when you started to now?"

"We’re a little bit older now, this is the 21st year that the band is alive! Our music is definitely changed a lot since the beginning, we always wanted to keep our trademark that is the mix of Thrash and Death metal, as afore mentioned, but during these years the sound has become really different, more heavy and clean at the same time, full of new influences (also because of the lastly renowned line-up that changed half of the band), and I’m sure that this evolution is not finished yet, but will bring the band in a new era with the next forthcoming album."


"What's been the most challenging part of being in a band together for so long and how do you keep going?"

"Basically is finding the right musicians to keep the dream alive, and to be able to do what we’re continuously planning for the future. It’s always hard to find someone that is a mix of being a good fellow, a great friend and an experienced musician, and most of all, being able to always follow the band in its objectives."


"What's next for the group?"

"We’re recording right now a brand new album, called “The Ventriloquist”, then we’ll look to find an interested label in order to successfully release and promote it, we strongly believe in this new stuff, it exactly reflects what Methedras is now. In the meanwhile we gonna leave to tour Brazil next June, first time for us in South America, likewise we did for USA & Canada, and I’m sure it will be a real blast!!"


"What's the best way fans can connect with you?"

"You can stay in touch with us through all the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and our own website at , go to the merch page to find some cool stuff. Join us and if you want ask us whatever you want, we’ll be more than happy to reply you!!"


       The band is currently gearing up for a very exciting tour in exotic Brazil this coming June.   Keep your eyes open for the upcoming album The Ventriloquist and be sure to find Methedras on all their social media sites and pick up some merch to help support them on their next adventure.  We hope that Methedras is able to come back to the U.S very soon and hopefully in Chicago.  Thank you once again to the band, Daniele "Dani" Colombo (guitarist) for answering all our inquiring questions and Andrea for being in contact with us to pass on our information to the group.


- Morgan-Daniell


Methedras Is:

Andrea Bochi - Bass

Daniele Gotti - Drums

Daniele Colombo - Guitars

Tito Listorti Maglia - Vocals


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             It feels like we’ve been waiting longer then December with anticipation to hear the debut EP Osculum Est Mortis ("The Kiss of Death") from Deathcore/Death Metal band Revenant.  Founded in 2016, the group consists of former members of quiet a few well known acts such as Fit For An Autopsy, A Night At The Chalet and I Killed Everyone.  The band has recently been hard at work promoting their upcoming EP, from releasing some killer shirt designs on their Bigcartel, having a presale through Itunes and with the help of the Chugcore promotional company, released a badass lyric video for their song “The Devil and I”.  Now with only about a couple weeks left until the official release (March 31st), we reached out to the band for an interview and were able to discuss with Tom Salazar (Drums) and Cody Harmon (Vocals) about everything that is Revenant.


"With the distance between members, how did the band form?"

"The band formed during stagnant times with all our other endeavors. Some of us already were in bands at the time yet some of us had no projects going on.
After months of talking back and forth via social media we decided to come together and write music that would bring a sort of “old school” deathcore vibe back to the table."

"How did you come up with the name “Revenant”?"

"The name Revenant came about due to the exact definition of the word. a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead. We feel as if we are all “resurrected” from the dead in terms of our music careers."

"You’ve all for the most part have been in bands before, have toured etc. What’s so different about being in Revenant compared to your past bands?"

"The pace of writing and getting material such as music, merch and other things is WAY faster and efficient than before.
Everybody literally does their part no questions asked, as well as the reliability of each member."

"What are some of the band’s influences, from when you started as musicians to now?"

"We are all pretty eclectic, out influences range from Hip-Hop - Death Metal."

"How has the music industry changed over the years that you have seen or experienced?"

"It seems that Physical Copies of albums seem to be back in the market again, which is an amazing thing to see. The call for merch from various bands is on the rise, as well as the new and improved ways to become a marketable band."

"What is the band’s writing process like?"

"Literally the easiest we have ever dealt with. Once Ian or John finish a song (via guitar pro) it’s sent off to Tom to track drums on. After the drums are finished it is then sent back to Ian/John for them to start tracking guitars. Once guitars have been tracked Robbie then gets ahold of the pre-pro and starts tracking is bass parts. Finally once all is said and done, Cody gets sent a final “Rough” mix to figure out all his vocal work." 

"How did recording work for the EP?"

"Pretty much the same as the above question! After all the takes for each member are what they want then it gets sent off for mixing & mastering!"

"What was the most difficult part/favorite part?"

"The most difficult part of the band has not arose upon us yet!  Our favorite part would have to be: No one carries any weight from anyone else.. It is honestly an equally structured monster."

"There has been so much anticipation for the upcoming release, was that any pressure for you guys when you were finishing up recording? And how does it feel to be done?"

"Absolutely not, we have all been in this situation before. Trying to release the debut ep from a brand new band. All we have to say is we are happy with the way it turned out yet, the full length is going to be disgusting."

"The artwork for Osculum Est Mortis is sick. Who created that for you?"

"Thank you, Logo was done by Antonio of Grind Brothers Art.  Album Art was done by Caelan Stokkermans." 

"You have said on your facebook page that your goal was to create angry music, with tracks titled “The Devil And I” (which you also have a lyric video out for) and “Sermon Of Misery”, what are the songs about?"

"Plain and simple, these songs are a creative way to go against organized religion."

"What is your favorite song on the EP and why?"

"“Culling the Herd” is the for sure the stand out track of this EP. Everyone holds true to what they did on this track and it never lets up."

"What has been the biggest challenge in being in a band together?"

"The only challenge that we face is the fact that we all live in different states." 

"Is this a project that you hope will play shows together or is it an online project only?"


"What can we look forward to with the band upcoming for this year?"

"The writing process of our full length, potential tours, more merch."


          We would like to thank Tom and Cody for taking some time to respond to our inquiring questions.  We've been glued to their facebook page as continue to update teasers of the EP Osculum Est Mortis.  Be sure to grab a copy during their Pre-Order on Itunes or buy it when it releases March 31st.  We cannot wait to see where their band goes from here and hope that we can catch them playing Chicago in the very near future.




Revenant Is:

Tom Salazar (Drums) Ex - I Killed Everyone
Cody Harmon (Vocals) Ex - The Breathing Process
John LaVar (Guitars) Ex - A Night at the Chalet
Ian VanDenbergh (Guitars) Ex - Fit For An Autopsy
Robert Phillips (Bass) Legends Shall Fall


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