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                Thank god for slam! Repulsive imagery, stomach-turning song titles and gruesome gutturals, what’s not to like? There is something about the relentless energy, psychotic tempos and trudging grooves that constantly draws me in. Making waves in the underground death metal scene as of late is Brisbane, Australia slammers Internal Devour. Sharing a mutual adoration for filth and disgust, the members in Internal Devour offer us their second full length release, Doomed To Disembowelment. Highly versed in extremities, Doomed To Disembowelment is a collection of brutality and is a necessary contribution to the slam death community.

The opening track, “Invoking The Grotesque” comes butchering in with a disgustingly heavy tone and gurgling growls, but is definitely one of the slower songs on this album. Excessively aggressive and versatile tracks like “Spitting Up Chunks of Cunt,” “Delusions to Consume,” and “Voids of Sullen,” will definitely pulverize and crush your ear drums to shreds. Adding to the density of this album is the bass guitar, which is easily identifiable and often times, right in the pocket with some of the ruinous guitar riffs. It is the perfect meat that this indecent stew requires.

              Although, Internal Devour’s first full length, Aborted and Slaughtered, featured the appropriate traits of slam, it was a bit one dimensional and modest in production. Doomed To Disembowelment offers a much chunkier production with added beef to the vocals. It is an all around upgrade for this band and says a lot about this band’s ability to grow as musicians.

 I appreciate a slam band that offers a bit more dynamic then batshit blasts and steady chugs. With their sophomore release, Internal Devour incorporates elements from the extreme side of deathcore, classic style death metal riffs, all the while keeping the roots of proper slam present. Fans of extreme music who haven’t heard of these guy’s yet should do so and check this album out stat.


Internal Devour - Doomed To Disembowelment (Released on Vicious Instinct Records, March 30th, 2016)


 - Sean McLennan


Internal Devour is:

Matt Turkington - Vocals

Aidan Smith - Guitar

Tom Logan - Bass

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              Since befriending a metal native from the ancient lands of Greece almost a year ago, I have been fascinated by the abundance of talent I have been able to discover from this country. Having knowledge of extreme acts such as, Rotting Christ and Septicflesh, I was completely unaware of the sludgier side of Greek metal, which seems to be a very popular sound within their metal culture. Void Droid, out of the city of Patras, embodies this southern hard rock style adored by locals and their debut full length album, Terrestrial, is proof that these guys have the proper chops to bang with the best.

After only a twenty-two second introduction, Terrestrial kicks off with “Flying Jesus,” commencing with an electric riff that sparks a jolt of energy. This track and the next few that follow, exhibit massive grooves and strapping instrumentation. As the album progresses, Void Droid introduces various melodies and an added clean dynamic, which can be heard in songs like, “Jack in the Box” and “Martian Architect.” However, the Sabbath-style riffs never cease and the meaty guitar tone is consistent throughout every song. Void Droid is a band that plays at a slow pace, but are certainly meticulous and authoritative with their delivery. Imagine Corrosion of Conformity’s Wiseblood with some Crowbar added to the mix and that is essentially the foundation of Terrestrial, which is completely fine with me. Plus, I appreciate a band that isn’t afraid to use sufficient amounts of pinch harmonics.

            A very creative feature about this album is that each song accompanies one of the intriguing character illustrations found on the cover of the album. On top of that, the lyrics to each song mirror traits of each character, making this album that much more interesting to be a part of. This album is highly enjoyable and is packed with heavy guitar licks for any fan of the southern metal sound to enjoy.


- Sean McLennan


Void Droid is:

Andreas - Vocals & Guitar

Bill Herra - Guitar

Aggelos Ulmo - Bass

Haris - Drums


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