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              The city of Grenoble or the “Capital of the Alps,” located in France, is home to some of the most breathtaking views of the Alps, but that is not all this city has to offer. When it comes to music, it also houses power/heavy metal act Sacred Seal.  Having just recently released their newest full length album, Incarnation (2015),  Sacred Seal have gained attention from local metal magazines in France and a sound following on the web.

Incarnation draws from the classic side of heavy metal influences, incorporating a very powerful element to fuel their bare bones sound. Female vocalist Nicky Daymond delivers dark, mystically themed lyrics with a powerful and emotionally driven voice. Seductive and forceful, Nicky creates mesmerizing melodies within each track, built to transfix. This album contains a commanding production quality with razor sharp guitar work persistently piercing through the mix. This is a band who presents competently composed songs with confident instrumentation.

            Sacred Seal keep an all around steady pace throughout Incarnation, with substantial energy on tracks like “Chains of Slavery,” “Psychosis,” and “Judas’s Calling,” but slowing it down with tracks like “Over the Abyss.” It is truly an impressive release for a band that has only been together since 2014, it symbolizes a strong beginning for this group.


- Sean McLennan


 Sacred Seal is:

Nicky Daymond: Vocals

Jeremy Caron: Guitar

Alex Stayne: Bass

Laurent Ferrari: Drum


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           Chicago area atmospheric black metal outfit, Vukari, have managed to make quite a name for themselves in the underground music scene in the last few years. Despite having been somewhat quiet since their inception in 2013, keeping busy is what this band is excellent at doing. After already having two captivating releases under their belt, Matriarch (2013) and En To Pan (2014) and numerous live gigs, Vukari is preparing to release their latest full length album Divination on August 1st, via Bindrune Recordings.

The word atmospheric can often times be used quite loosely, but when discussing Vukari, the word is as properly used as can be. The myriad of moods displayed on Divination is extraordinary. Dreadful yet optimistic, serene yet enraged, meticulous and consistent. The Chthonic howls provided by Marek merge smoothly with the occult instrumentation, creating a compelling dark ambiance. Each song on Divination offers a mix of soft qualities and dooming overtones, but it’s the more accelerating tracks like “Divination II” and “Sovereignty Through Extreme Tyranny” that prove this album to be their most aggressive to date.

             Although gloomy in sound, I see a very bright future for this group of talented musicians. Divination show cases the chemistry this band possesses and is an indicator of not only this bands progress, but that they are doing everything absolutely right. Be on the look out for the release of the amazing Divination on August 1st, enjoy!


- Sean McLennan


Vukari is:

Marek - Guitar/Vocals

Spenser - Bass

Mike - Drums/Synths

Rich - Guitar


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