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           "El Famous have created one zealous and extremely significant album with “Sacrifice.” The latest full length album from Chicago metalcore hotshots, El Famous, is full of vigor and features exceptional song writing capability. Possessing excellent production value, each track comes at you with a revitalizing strength, purposed to absorb your attention.

Consuming the listener with contagious choruses and strong-arm breakdowns, El Famous deliver songs with real ambition. Raw and aggressive screams split through the music, containing very inspired lyrics, with almost every song consisting of a capturing hook.

           Lyrics about dedication, personal struggle, standing together and sacrifice, make for one invigorating album. Clearly much emotion was put into making this album come to life and it definitely bleeds through the speakers. Track two (title track), “Sacrifice,” carries a strong message about sacrifices that have been made by the band to be where they are today. This song is a testament to the hard work they have put in and will continue to put in as long as they are around.

Songs like, “Rise,” “Frostbite,” “Crashing down,” and “Crucified,” display this band’s competency to create high energy, aggressive tunes for the fans. Songs such as these are there as a reminder that El Famous is not afraid to get heavy.

         It is no wonder why El Famous appear on shows with such notable acts and are offered such well attended and memorable shows. The chemistry this band produces is unparalleled and “Sacrifice” certainly shows the perfect balance of comfort, confidence and cogency."

For Fans of: The Ghost Inside, Parkway Drive, A Day to Remember

El Famous-“Sacrifice” (Released 4/25/2015)


- Sean McLennan


El Famous is:


Brandon-Drums Kevin-Bass/Vocals




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"Fans of death metal, rejoice! Chicago’s own, Ditheist, released “Eternity of Nothingness” back in October of 2015 and just a warning, this album is not for the squeamish...

        Providing a nonstop train of undiluted death metal, Ditheist keep the boot pressed to your throat for the entire length of their newest full length. Ditheist do an excellent job capturing all the qualities we love about death metal, delivering their music with immediacy and showing not the least bit of mercy.

Exuding messages of disease, death, and world destruction, Ditheist do not shy away from letting you know where they stand on the current state of humanity. Vocalist Luke Voelz states it best in track four “Doomed” when saying, “We are all doomed!” Dismal lyrics such as, “Eyes are bleeding, lips are drying, people dying, bodies piling, blood is pooling in the streets, no escape from the spread of this disease” taken from the opening track “Plague Doctor,” layer over an unrelenting rampage of speed. Animated and visual lyrics such as, “Breaking down the gates of hell, demons overtake the earth,” taken from the track “Eternal Corridors,” let it be known that Ditheist is not here to cater to your religious requests.

          My personal favorite track, “Crippling Vexation,” is an onslaught of death walking terror, strongly highlighting this bands knowledge of the death metal genre. Shredding guitar work coat the constant switching tempo of drums, creating technical turmoil. An all around aggressive tune.

It’s rather simple, what Ditheist have to offer on “Eternity of Nothingness” is death metal in its purest form. This album is necessary for all fans of death metal or extreme music, period."


Ditheist-“Eternity of Nothingness” (Released October 2015)

For Fans of: Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Aeon


- Sean McLennan


Members of Ditheist:

Konrady Lysak - Guitars

Narcyz Fortuna - Drums

Luke Voelz - Vocals

Jarek Badzioch - Bass

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