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"After listening to “Massive Structural Collapse,” the newest release from Indiana-based thrash/death metal group, Mountain Grave, there is no uncertainty that these guys have released one colossal piece. Mountain Grave blend elements of heavy metal, a shit ton of speed and guttural vocals, creating a very vicious style of thrash. The full length album comes at you at a pummeling pace and is chock-full of ravenous riffs. No matter what song you are listening to, Mountain Grave make sure to let it be known that they are no one trick pony.

When listening to the second track “The Final Dimensions of Blight,” accompanying the fully present battering force, are symphonic keys that really add a whole new dimension to it, in an epic sort of way. Also, featured in this song are the callous shrieks from Chris Hall of the band, Antica Arcanaalso hailing from Indiana.

“Massive Structural Collapse” offers the listener balls to the wall thrash in tracks like “Surge Capacity,” with a noticeable vocal change-up to compliment the aggression displayed. On the other hand with track five, “Lair of the Wretcher,” Mountain Grave show that they are not afraid to cross boundaries within the thrash realm, presenting melodious guitar riffs that resemble pure darkness.

Pursued by Wolves” (my personal favorite) is a very spirited track which offers a wide range of what this band can truly accomplish. This song slashes in with fervid energy, changing over to a more upbeat melody and towards the middle brings you the heaviest part of the album, coated with a riff pulled straight from the grave.

“Massive Structural Collapse” by Mountain Grave is an impenetrable force that every fan of extreme music should proudly own as a part of their music collection.  Vocalist Brian Rush provides the creative, well thought out back story to the album in these words:

           “Massive Structural Collapse expands on the concept of our ‘Ancient Disease’ EP (2012), which is a story of human overconfidence, both technologically and emotionally. A spacecraft, the Ekimmu, is launched from Earth to explore different dimensions, but what the crew finds terrifies them, warping their perceptions of reality. While experiencing these terrible truths which render their consciousness obsolete, they must travel to the core of their being to restructure their perceptions and overcome these inter-dimensional terrors. It took a long time to bring this album to fulfillment, and looking back, the story actually mirrors our own personal journeys, embodied and embellished of course in the form of a cosmic metal adventure.”

Mountain Grave - “Massive Structural Collapse” (Released April 29th, 2016 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Massive Structural Collapse Cover artwork by Chris Wilhelm, Logo and layout by Aliyah Davis.


For Fans of: Carcass, Entombed, Death Angel


- Sean McLennan



Mountain Grave is:

Chris Parker - Drums

Ray Carlyle - Guitar

Aaron Whicker - Guitar

Ben Rose - Bass

Brian Rush - Vocals


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"Progressive death metal band, A Novelist, from Lafayette, Louisiana, have released their debut full length album "Portraits" in December of 2015. With Portraits, A Novelist have created a captivating sound that is immensely technical and dynamic.

Portraits welcomes you with “A Progression of Hands,” a very slow and seducing jazz number that will undoubtedly leave you clueless as to what is about to ensue.

Rapidly changing pace is the second track “Rectilinear Acceleration” which opens with an exploding momentum. Charging forth with instantaneous blasts, A Novelist displays their undeniable ability to employ complex harmonies. Unrelenting and persistent, this track offers a full wall of precise guitar work and constant speed, setting the pace for the entire album.

Portraits relieves you midway through the album with a track entitled “The Hall.” The Hall has a very villainous sense about it (which the lyrics and vocal style have no problem complementing). Listening to this track, you get the feeling that you are floating out somewhere in space. As the song builds up, you begin to feel as if a looming presence is preparing to consume you, which then takes a drastic turn when the beginning scream of the next track “Birth (Minor Hallucinations)” comes howling in.

A Novelist provides some very influential musical breaks throughout this album that slow things up and add a bit of an atmosphere to what would otherwise be an irate technical mania. These breaks lend themselves to the dynamic I was referring to earlier. Take the final track “Parts Per Million” for example, where there is a break in the song that features sounds from the saxophone, and some very soulful guitar playing. That splash of Louisiana influence on technical metal is innate and adds to the progressive sound these guys create.

If your looking for something original, A Novelist is the needle in your haystack. Give Portraits a listen and appreciate what they have to offer."

You can listen to Portraits by A Novelist right here.

 For Fans of: Between The Buried and Me, Son of Aurelius, Wretched


- Sean McLennan


A Novelist Is:

Ben Nugent - Guitars and Vocals

Alex Babineaux - Drums

Justin Doan - Guitars

Glenn Aucoin - Keys and Sound design


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