Nov 11

One Steel Wound - "Sadistic" (Single)

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    “Fresh off their newly released album “Vendetta”, Chicago heavy metal band One Steel Wound refused to take a break. The band continues to push themselves in order to keep their fans hungry and wanting more. Besides the guys spending quiet some time making music videos (be sure to head to the band's youtube page and check out the video for this single as well!), they also found the time to record their brand new single “Sadistic.” Released on September 9th of this year, the track is just as dark as its name. Even with the album already being out a few months, “Sadistic” stands out as being mature and authoritative. From devilish screams turning into seductive whispers, powerful transitions and a sick beat that will stick in your head, this track alone just proves that these 4 guys have got what it takes to keep producing a sound that grabs the listener and throws them into a concert like atmosphere and begging to see what they do next.”


- Morgan-Daniell


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One Steel Wound Is:

Brandon Castillo - Vocals

Mike Boyer - Drums

D. Reitz - Guitar

Gerardo Ortiz - Bass



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