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Prison City Brigade - "War on Boredom"

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           Prison City Brigade ( is a punk rock band based out of Joliet, IL.   While the band has been around since 2014, it took its name from the fact that Joliet – also known as “Prison City” - once held a maximum security correctional facility (considered by many now to be haunted).


Since their inception, Prison City Brigade has been hard at work staking its claim in the Chicagoland music scene.  With an aggressive, heavy-hitting style that blends all things punk, the band has set out to represent “the outcasts, dysfunctional, broken, abused, and rebellious”among us.  In doing so, Prison City Brigade has seen their fan base continue to grow throughout the Midwest and beyond.


               The band, now consisting of Eddie Cavanaugh (reminiscent of classic hardcore punkers) on vocals, Brandon Rivette and Tom Cappos on guitar, Rob Roman on bass, and Andrew Molloy on drums, recently put out a full length CD called, War on Boredom (2017).Equal parts dark, playful sarcasm (Prehistoric Wordplay, Octocock, Meet Me by the Stairs, Dad?, and Shitty Presents) and in-your-face aggressiveness (Man Up, Take Back Your Scene, Gas Leak, Get Famous First, and Give ‘Em Hell), the songs are all well written and performed with the energy that helps define the genre.  There are also a couple of more “mainstream” songs (Mixed Signals, and the bands “anthem” We Are the Brigade) that help to round out the sound, while still keeping the band’s edgy appeal. 


The CD, available at Amazon, iTunes, and streaming online, stays true to punk rock form, as over half of its twelve tracks come in at under two minutes in length.  While this may seem short to some, it in no way diminishes from the message they are trying to get across, which can be summed up in the following lyrics:  “Gotta get a move-on, gotta get out, gotta get away from this”…”We are the brigade!”


You can catch the brigade(playing these songs and others) on Saturday, August 5th at the 4th Annual Free Punkfest 2017(Cool Music Stop - Harvard, IL) or Sunday, August 6th at The Lemonade Stand Charity Show(The Forge - Joliet, IL).All proceeds from the charity show will go toward helping homeless children – donations accepted.


 *  Paige Kelly, originally of Bumsy and The Moochers, also plays bass on the CD and her vocals are featured on the song, Shitty Presents


- Pauly B



Prison City Brigade Is:

Eddie Cavanaugh -Vocals
Brandon Rivette -Guitar
Tom Cappos -Guitar
Rob Roman -Bass
Andrew Molloy -Drums


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