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Consume The Divide - "A Passed Life"

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             Consume the Divide (CTD) is a professional metal band from Chicago, IL.  While they have had their share of change since the band’s inception in 2012 (most recently adding Ryan Dickinson – formerly of Psychopathic Daze – on guitar) CTD has remained a force to be reckoned with – and in many ways has only managed to get better.  While challenging at times, staying true to their vision and persevering has paid off in a big way with the release of, “A Passed Life” (2017).


I recently had the opportunity to listen to the five song EP in detail and was thoroughly impressed from the get go.


              The first song I listened to was,Tooth and Nail.  I immediately felt like I was on some sort of twisted ride.  It picked me up and throttled me into a world that has been beautifully crafted, yet has a sickness that permeates it all.  As the song developed, it was like being shown the inside of a well-established, but still underground revolutionary mindset that’s ready to jump out and rip somebody’s throat out…”Revenge is a dish that’s best served on ice!”


Next came, Crossing the Line.  Pure energy – it made me want to jump out of my seat and start moshing.  It begins with a tight, chunky rhythm and when the vocals come in it goes into full crush mode.  The vocals by the way were amazing.  Fully utilizing both vocalists with complex melodies and harmonies is dare I say, fun to listen to.  Really, they’re so well done that it’s hard not to smile – even with the very serious message, “Now we rise to take our place…to take what’s rightfully ours!”


             The Masked One pays tribute to fallen friend and brother - Ray Rivera (as does the title of the EP - “A Passed Life”).  With lyrics like, “You are gone, but never forgotten!”… ”You’re an angel now, watching over me”… and “You are the masked one.  This one’s for you Ray!” you can sense the tremendous amount of respect they are trying to convey.  I must admit, however, that while I really liked the first two-thirds of the song, it was the last third that resonated with me.  I love it when heavy bands can break it down and play with an almost classical kind of finesse.  The contrast to me is very powerful.  This song does it beautifully, almost as if they were trying to reach out and make contact with their friend through the music. There was a whole different ethereal type of feeling that really added to the overall dynamic of the band.


When Serenity started, I found myself sitting back, arms crossed, wondering what would be next.  The songs were really good up to that point, and I was a little unsure if they would all be so good (Okay, I admit I had already heard the band and knew I liked them, so I wasn’t all that concerned.).  Anyway, any hint of uncertainty was quickly put to rest.  Another thing I really like about bands is when their songs don’t kind of all sound the same after a while.  Consume the Divide didn’t let me down.  The music, three guitars, bass and drums, came through as usual, creating an intricate web of musical textures.  The thing that was different about this one was that it took the vocals in a new direction and showed off the vocal versatility of the band – and the effective use of two vocalists; each of them doing their own thing – and kicking ass along the way!  I could have easily left off with the song’s last lyric, “Grant me serenity and take me away!” and have been happy.


But there was one more song!


             Ghost – well Ghost took the vocals and added a whole new twist.  Along with Serenity, this song had a melodic quality that stayed true to the band’s essence, but had a “crossover, radio friendly” type appeal.  Don’t kid yourself though.  The music was slamming!  The vocals were on point!  The song itself was well written (as were all of the others)!  I even liked the broken glass sounding effect at the beginning of the song.


Look, I don’t say this lightly.   If I don’t having anything nice to say, I don’t say anything at all (at least I try).  The whole “Passed Life” album was outstanding!  This band definitely has something going on.They are polished.  They are professional.  They are ready to break and should be playing major venuesto large crowds.


             In fact, they seem to be on the right track.  You can see them this weekend, Saturday, September 9th, as part of – The Revival (Yorkville, IL) - three days of musical mayhem!



*  “A Passed Life” was recorded by Nick Nativo (Oceano) at the Nook studio.


- Pauly B.



Consume The Divide Is: 

Joe - Vocals / Heavy
Jeff - Bass
Aaron-Guitar/Clean vocals
Colin- Guitar/Clean vocals


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