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Pile Of Priests - "Tenebrous Labyrinth" (EP)

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Pile of Priests is a progressive Death Metal band from Denver, Colorado. The unsigned trio formed in 2009 and is managed by Eric Dow. Making up this dark and obscure group, we have Patrick Leyn [Bass], Evan Salvador [Guitar and Vocals] and Evan Knight [Drums].


Inspired by Death, Edge of Sanity, Old Man's Child and Cannibal Corpse, these wickedly skillful gentlemen aim to produce a sound inspired by 90's death and thrash metal. Their latest release this year is an EP titled, 'Tenebrous Labyrinth'. Three original songs and three covers make up this six track album.


Main songwriter Evan Salvador stated in a previous interview, “Most of our songs are about the fallacies of religion, but also human struggles and current events in the world.”


Track one, 'Tenebrous Labyrinth', has a fast-paced, brisk, techy feel to it. As I listened to each song in order, I thought the songs got better and better. The guitar riffs on cut two, 'Kafir', are purely awesome. 'Interglacial Departure' is a headbanging worthy tune you can find on track three. The heavy drumming definitely stole the spotlight for me for this jam.


The last three tunes being the covers, did not disappoint. 'Divine Step' by Coroner, was greatly executed. I thought Evan Knight did an excellent job on the drums. I very much enjoyed Evan Salvador's skillful vocals on 'Through The Eyes Of Greed' by Sadus. Patrick Leyn's bass skills were extraordinary on 'Hate Inside Your Head' by Kreator. The guitar riffs are excellent on this song, as well as the drumming.


Drummer Evan Knight, quoted in a previous interview, “We are very proud of our new single 'Redemtionem Per Cruciatu' and upcoming EP that we plan to follow. Our sound has evolved on every release and we have agreed that this EP to come is the pinnacle of out sound thus far. It's fast, evil, melodic and incorporates other styles of metal besides death metal.”


Translated from latin, “Redemptionem Per Cruciatu” means “Redemption Through Torture.” The band explains further in a previous interview, “The song is about the centuries of child molestation within the catholic church, and in particular one Wisconsin priest who sexually molested over 200 deaf children between 1950 and 1974. He was never punished by the Vatican hierarchy or by the criminal justice system of the United States. The song musically starts out with an eerie bass into to portray the sadness and trauma of all the affected victims. It then progresses into a fast-paced melodic ride of pure anger that is sure to rile up the listener.”


'Redemtionem Per Cruciatu' premiered exclusively on The vocals on this single satisfyingly sound like Ross Dolan from Immolation. I really took an interest in the meaning behind this piece of art. I very much appreciate when artists can be vulnerable and really take something that they are passionate about and make it into something extraordinary.


- Jenny Holland



Pile Of Priests Is:

Patrick Leyn - Bass

Evan Salvador - Guitar and Vocals

Evan Knight - Drums


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