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Orinoco - Nihilism (EP) Review

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             Orinoco, a metal band from Joliet, IL, recently released an EP that has been nourishing my brain.  Every once in a while, especially when it gets dark and cold, I need something to wake me up; something to shake me up and get my blood pumping.  From the moment I pressed play on Orinoco’s new EP –Nihilism (December 2017) - that is exactly what happened. 


At times I find myself gravitating toward music that is heavy and hostile, but with a purpose, a reason for being angry.  Wrongful authority, mistreatment and oppression, those kinds of things get my blood boiling.  Orinoco’s self-defined “brutal sound that blends breakdowns with death metal riffs and fast thrash” taps into that for me.


The first song on the EP, Kill the Creator, starts off full force and lets you know exactly what’s to come.  The tight, aggressive picking pattern in the intro, met precisely by the killer drum attack found throughout all three songs on Nihilism, sets the tone for the lyrics that follow: 


“People put here we are forced to trust…no longer will we be silenced…Now is our time to take back what is ours…and become the new power”


I love the guitar tone on the EP and there are many interesting riffs and melodies throughout.  The verse riff in Kill the Creatoris powerful with a dissonant, suspended sounding chord,whichreally helps build the tension, before the vocals kick in and provide a release.  There is also a tasteful solo that sounds great and fits the song well. 


The vocals themselves are diverse and full of energy and attitude.  No one part stands out or sounds better than another, but if I had to choose between a very heavy deep growl, a kind of talking - effectively calling attention to and asking for action in the face of threat and injustice –and a kind of aggressive, almost character driven, angst ridden snarl, I’d go with the latter.  It just perfectly fits the music and is delivered with such gusto.


The second song, Griffin, starts with a frenetic riff and then adds in some harmonized guitar work.  Done very effectively, this is accompanied by some terrific drumming.  The drumming throughout this album is really top notch, with lots of fills and detailed footwork.


The songkicks off with a cool heavy riff and then a great melody line that leads into the verse.  The vocals again are perfect, maniacally aggressive, and the rapid picking variations and steady riffhelp create a buzzing energy with great tone and clarity.  There is also a cool heavy section right before another solid solo.


The last song, Raised by the Stars, starts with a cool snare and guitar accompaniment, hits on a wicked little guitar run, and then breaks into straight chunk. 


“LIVE, living on the edge!!!”


There is a really cool hammer-on type lick in the verse, and then a story of alien invasion. 


“Shelter, they will consume us all…they have come to kill us all”


While it may seem like impending doom, the message I took away from this was, “We will show them who–we–are!”  In other words, we’re taking no shit!  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, “We will not give up without a fight!”


This song has my favorite solo on the EP, and it also has its own nicely crafted lyric video on YouTube.


Overall, Nihilism is a three-song powder keg.  As the song goes, Orinoco has definitely shown us who they are.  Now it’s up to you to get their EP on the band's bandcamp and check them out at one of their upcoming shows!.


- Pauly B.


Orinoco Is:

Anthony Guardiola - Vocals
Chris Galindo - Guitar
Cody Kehn - Drums
Melissa Nestor - Bass



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