Jenny Holland

Jenny Holland


Pile of Priests is a progressive Death Metal band from Denver, Colorado. The unsigned trio formed in 2009 and is managed by Eric Dow. Making up this dark and obscure group, we have Patrick Leyn [Bass], Evan Salvador [Guitar and Vocals] and Evan Knight [Drums].


Inspired by Death, Edge of Sanity, Old Man's Child and Cannibal Corpse, these wickedly skillful gentlemen aim to produce a sound inspired by 90's death and thrash metal. Their latest release this year is an EP titled, 'Tenebrous Labyrinth'. Three original songs and three covers make up this six track album.


Main songwriter Evan Salvador stated in a previous interview, “Most of our songs are about the fallacies of religion, but also human struggles and current events in the world.”


Track one, 'Tenebrous Labyrinth', has a fast-paced, brisk, techy feel to it. As I listened to each song in order, I thought the songs got better and better. The guitar riffs on cut two, 'Kafir', are purely awesome. 'Interglacial Departure' is a headbanging worthy tune you can find on track three. The heavy drumming definitely stole the spotlight for me for this jam.


The last three tunes being the covers, did not disappoint. 'Divine Step' by Coroner, was greatly executed. I thought Evan Knight did an excellent job on the drums. I very much enjoyed Evan Salvador's skillful vocals on 'Through The Eyes Of Greed' by Sadus. Patrick Leyn's bass skills were extraordinary on 'Hate Inside Your Head' by Kreator. The guitar riffs are excellent on this song, as well as the drumming.


Drummer Evan Knight, quoted in a previous interview, “We are very proud of our new single 'Redemtionem Per Cruciatu' and upcoming EP that we plan to follow. Our sound has evolved on every release and we have agreed that this EP to come is the pinnacle of out sound thus far. It's fast, evil, melodic and incorporates other styles of metal besides death metal.”


Translated from latin, “Redemptionem Per Cruciatu” means “Redemption Through Torture.” The band explains further in a previous interview, “The song is about the centuries of child molestation within the catholic church, and in particular one Wisconsin priest who sexually molested over 200 deaf children between 1950 and 1974. He was never punished by the Vatican hierarchy or by the criminal justice system of the United States. The song musically starts out with an eerie bass into to portray the sadness and trauma of all the affected victims. It then progresses into a fast-paced melodic ride of pure anger that is sure to rile up the listener.”


'Redemtionem Per Cruciatu' premiered exclusively on The vocals on this single satisfyingly sound like Ross Dolan from Immolation. I really took an interest in the meaning behind this piece of art. I very much appreciate when artists can be vulnerable and really take something that they are passionate about and make it into something extraordinary.


- Jenny Holland



Pile Of Priests Is:

Patrick Leyn - Bass

Evan Salvador - Guitar and Vocals

Evan Knight - Drums


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Glass Hands is another one of our ReverbNation winners. Last year, in 2016, the group debuted their seven track EP, Exit Letters. The album's sound consists of melodic hardcore and melancholy jams. This metalcore band is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. We have Adam Anderson's vocals, Jon Iosue on guitar, Jack Rainbolt also on guitar, Spencer Tillman on bass & vocals, and Drew Johnson on drums.


The drumming steals the show in this compilation. I also dig that you can really hear the rawness of the bass. I appreciate the bass not being lost in the other instruments.


Track two, Half Asleep is definitely heavier than track one, In the Hands of a Broken Man. I personally prefer the deeper, more metal-esq vocals than the higher singing for this album. At the same time, I like the melancholy, sorrowful feel to the EP as well.


Whilst listening, I enjoyed number three, Alone . The drums and guitar riffs are great. This cut has a punky feel to it in the beginning. The deeper vocals and drumming would have to be my favorite elements of this jam. I can almost feel how hard Drew is hitting his kit. The kick drum sounds great and flawless.


Track four, Bury Me, consists of attractive drum beats yet again. I love the combination of the slow but strong guitar sound mixed with the drumming.


Number five, Honest To God, sounds more poppy, similar to track one. Though the lyrics are heavy, “If your honest to God, faith will disappoint you”. The melody is mesmerizing with charismatic attributes.


Tracks six, Remorse and track seven, Disastrous, are some of the groups slower songs.


Influenced by artists such as Breaking Benjamin, Guns N Roses and The Fray, I can see where The Fray has influenced their higher vocals. Glass Hands reminded me more of Chevelle, Linkin Park, SR71 and Mudvayne, just to name a few. Exit Letters is a good metal album to listen to if you enjoy a pop-like infused, slower melody.


- Jenny Holland



Glass Hands Is:

Adam Anderson's - Vocals

Jon Iosue - Guitar

Jack Rainbolt -Guitar

Spencer Tillman - Bass & Vocals

Drew Johnson - Drums

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Zaius is an instra-metal Chicago native band, signed recently by Prosthetic Records. This post-metal, atmospheric group possesses elements of Math Metal. Plus, there is no need for vocals from this combo, the melodies speak to listeners awesomely on their own. The ensemble released their debut full-length, Of Adoration on October 6th 2017 and their album release show is this Saturday, October 21st at Brauerhouse in Lombard, Illinois. Check them out, they wont disappoint. We have Jeremy Bellen on bass, Dann Colce on guitar, Ian McConnell also on guitar and Mike Imbordino on drums.


I loved the entirety of Of Adoration the first time I listened. I then listened to the album at least five more times after and enjoyed it as much each time. Instrumental music is always great because you can hear a song once and feel one way, then to hear even the same cut again the next day, can have you take something completely different away from it. Lyrics give certain meanings to songs, differentiating from person to person depending how one interprets it. On the opposite end for me, listening to music with no lyrics calms me and gives me a feeling the same as if I were meditating. I absolutely relish this album. I want to say number 5, Magnolia and 6, Seirenes, are my two favorite songs but really, this whole LP is prodigious. Track 5, Magnolia, contains guitar riffs that will have you bobbing your head while experiencing a feeling of contentment. Number 7, Anicca, is a soothing jam. Track 8, Colin, has a fresh, groovy feel to it.


Zaius' sound is similar to Isis, Mogwai, Pelican and If These Trees Could Talk. If your into any of those bands, your sure to dig Zaius.


The relaxing yet energetic compilation was mixed & mastered by Chris Common. Common also worked with Mastodon in creating Blood Mountain. Likewise, Common mastered Isis' album Celestial. Another band Common engineered and mixed amongst many others is Pelican. Common worked with Pelican on albums Forever Becoming and What We All Come to Need. Of Adoration was recorded and engineered by Jeff Edwards who has worked with various artists from Justin Bieber to The Alchemist. Not only is the music purely celestial, the artwork, illustrated by Maralk van Haasteren, is impressive with a bohemian feel to it. Haasteren, an artist from the Netherlands carries an amazing talent. Haasteren's creations are mesmerizing in that, the longer you stare into his art, the more you see. His imagination and creativity is truly amazing. If you haven't checked him out yet, I highly recommend.


Before the birth of this instrumental compilation of goodness, Jeremy played with Mike in his first band, Society's Own. Then we have Ian, who played in Poison For Profit, Knights of the Round and Iscariot. Dan and Mike were in a band also prior to Zaius called Trieste. Zaius also released two EP's prior to their full length that are equally satisfying.


- Jenny Holland



Zaius Is:

Jeremy Bellen - Bass

Dann Colce - Guitar

Ian McConnell - Guitar 

Mike Imbordino - Drums

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Bastard's Asylum, a death metal band based out of Kenosha, WI., released their "Self titled" EP this year. This groove oriented and breakdown heavy recording, consists of four intensely exciting numbers that are sure to please.

Four talents make up Bastard's Asylum, Timmy Bastard [Vocals & Bass], Denny Berkery [Lead Guitar], Vince Taulbee [Rhythm Guitar] and Corey Fox [Drums].


Bastard's Asylum is the offspring of a group Timmy and Vince started in 2003 called Bloodrites (pre-Devangelist, which is another ensemble Timmy excellently plays bass for). Eleven years later in 2014, former Devangelist members, Matt Ostrander and Denny teamed up with Timmy and Vince, subsequently becoming Bastard's Asylum. Fast forward a year, bringing us into 2015, Corey Fox joined the band and began writing the songs that these skilled chaps recorded on this CD.


We begin with track one, Why Not. The drums give this jam an extra oomph, sounding sexy and slow. The meaning behind these lyrics is so punk rock, about going against the people that tell you how to live your life, inadvertently making me enjoy the song that much more.


Track two, Redemption is actually the first song Timmy and Vince ever wrote as Bloodrites. Redemption is simply awesome. The lyrics, “Are you ready for your fucking redemption” has such a hard core energy feel.


The guitar riffs are superb on track three, Lost Soul. This number is about battling addiction.


The fourth and final cut, Coked Out Cancer Puncher, is tragically a true story about a man who sadly losses his mind by the hand of drugs. Consequently, said man attacks a group of cancer patients because his sick mind believes that cancer killed his family. I liked the way this track ended, abruptly and leaving listeners, well at least myself, wanting to listen to the recording all over again.


This culminating, loose as well as head – bobbing EP is sound. I also recommend checking out Bastard's live. Timmy's liveliness and exhilaration on stage is not only entertaining to watch, but you can really feel how much he digs this music.


Bastard's Asylum - "Bastard's Aslym" (2017, Self Titled EP)


- Jenny Holland


Bastard's Asylum Is:

Timmy Bastard -Vocals & Bass

Denny Berkery - Lead Guitar

Vince Taulbee - Rhythm Guitar

Corey Fox - Drums


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Parasite Inc., a Melodic Death Metal band and one of our ReverbNation winners, released their first label debut album on August 2nd, 2013.  The title of this LP,  "Time Tears Down", is named after track three on this record. 

This borderline Pop-Metal group from Germany is comprised by Kai Bigler [guitar & vocals], Dominik Sorg [guitar], Stephan Kramer [bass] and Benjamin Stelzer [drums]. 


Parasite Inc. finished their first demos in 2007 and following in January of 2010, they released their self titled album.  Two years later in 2012, the band signed with Good Damn Records.

"Time Tears Down" was produced in their home studio and with the mastering of the CD by Jens Bogren, at Fascination Street Studios Sweden, this energetic and frantic joint sounds anthem-y and Arch Enemy-esque.  Parasite Inc's style seems to be a more speed obsessed Arch Enemy, also resembling music from Hypocrisy.  With their songs having a tight song structure and their machine-like tight drums sounding pretty but not loose, gives Parasite Inc an intense but also abrasive spark.

         The Pulse of the Dead, track 7, was one of the fiercest numbers that stood out the most to me.  Each time I listened to the release, I wished that song was longer.  

Track 8, The Scapegoat, with all of it's busy viciousness, my favorite part was the drums.   Speaking of drums, while listening to the recording, I couldn't help but wonder if the drums were programmed, or at the very least sound replaced on most, if not the entire album. The songs sounded very much on the click track.

       If you're like most metal heads and enjoy the sound of rapid, furious drumming, then you'll most likely enjoy track 10, Unmeant Outcasts.  Benjamin diligently gives us machine gun-like drumming on this number.

Hatefilled, which you can find on track 11, had me thinking, this song sounds like what zombies look like. 

      Now track 12, The End of Illusion was simply pretty.  I loved the piano intro and the vocals were excellent.  This song sounds similar to Children of Bodom, with the usage of keyboards.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a bonus track on this full length. Dead Life has an awesome guitar sound that bring the album to a succeeding close.


Jenny Holland


Parasite Inc. Is:

Kai Bigler - Guitar & Vocals
Dominik Sorg - Guitar
Stefan Krämer - Bass
Benjamin Stelzer - Drums



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