Having been an active musician in the hardcore/metal scene for roughly 18 years, Brandan Schieppati, well known for his work as the vocalist for Bleeding Through, has returned as The Iron Son.  After the unfortunate breakup of Bleeding Through, Schieppati took some time off from playing music to focus on other aspirations. But how long can one suppress something that is such a large part of them? Thankfully, it took no longer than two years. Using the name The Iron Son for his solo project, Schieppati released his debut album Enemy in December of 2015, with the addition of the untouchable Shannon Lucas (Ex-The Black Dahlia Murder) on drums. Taking the antagonistic approach to his music, Schieppati is not hesitant to say what is on his mind and puts one hundred and ten percent heart into everything he writes. Schieppati has been quoted saying his lyrics for this album are “straight to the point” and are “a reflection on the darkest years of my life and recovery from addiction and mental illness.” With that being said, this release is packed with Schieppati’s signature rage driven vocal delivery and he does not let up on Enemy for a single second.

Genuinely aggressive in all of its parts, Enemy offers a concoction of hardcore, punk and symphonic metal, delivered with a fuming velocity. With a total of nine tracks, just barely meeting the thirty minute mark, this album was created to expel energy in circle pits around the world. Ghastly keyboards start off track one “Worth Less,” generating a formidable mood before kicking into gear with an unyielding riff and cymbal grabs. Schieppati shouts “I embrace being hated by everyone who’s loyalty faded away,” over sinister keys, sticking to his blunt and somewhat grim lyrical script. The Iron Son shifts gears throughout Enemy, from the blackened style synth played over blasts throughout the album, to the disorderly punk influenced intro of “Bleed.” Schieppati remains even more diverse than ever, adding guttural vocals on title track “Enemy” to the variety of vocal ranges executed on Enemy.

               Solo projects within the metal community are generally easier to achieve when carried out with drum programming or digital percussion, we see it all the time, that is simply not the case for The Iron Son. Executing exactness with his sticks, Shannon Lucas (Ex-The Black Dahlia Murder) demonstrates his ability to go outside of his blasting tendencies and adjusts to whatever style each song calls for. In true Lucas fashion, the percussion on this record is precise and irrefutable.

What’s most important about this album is that it is a piece of Brandan and is his latest “fuck you” to all of the things that have stood in his way over the years. Without any compromise from a record label, Enemy is brought to us in it’s purest form, raw and real, just as it should be.

The Iron Son - Enemy (Pvre-Evil, 2015)


- Sean McLennan


The Iron Son Is:

Brandan Schieppati 


Guests featured:

Chris "Motionless" Cerulli of Motionless in White
Shannon Lucas (ex-All That Remains and ex-The Black Dahlia Murder)) - Studio Drums
Marta Peterson of Bleeding Through

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                   If you are from the Chicagoland area, there is a strong chance that you have heard of progressive metal act, Miles From Exile. There is also a chance that if you have heard of these guys already, then you know just how damn talented they are. This is a band I can say with one hundred percent certainty that no matter what they release, it always steals my interest. With constant lineup changes and full time careers, it hasn’t necessarily been a cake walk for this band either. Miles From Exile have been at it for roughly seven years and dedication has been the key component that has kept these guys thriving. The combination of instrumental proficiency, perseverance and a passion for metal tunes, has pushed these guys up to the forefront of the Chicago music scene.

When we examine the meaning behind the word transcend, we arrive at the conclusion that it is to go above and beyond the limits set in place. It is to exceed in excellence and surpass whatever obstacles stand in your way, making it the perfect title for the fourth release from Miles From Exile. Transcend is a representation of hard work and overcoming plenty of obstacles to come out stronger then ever for this band.

                 Transcend possesses an overall much softer tone then past releases, creating a more “easy listening” style atmosphere, but does not make it any less heavy. “Internalized,” the opening track, begins with face paced intensity and a noticeable speed metal influence. As the song opens up, you are introduced to the enthralling melodies prominent throughout this entire release. As the EP progresses, you are consumed by the desirable clean voice that DC delivers, using Transcend as an observatory to view and understand the thoughts within his mind. Throughout the five song EP, we are graced with the presence of Tony and Justin’s signature dueling guitar attack, which is carried out with pinstripe precision. Miles From Exile have transformed their musical execution from unrelenting riffs into creating a sound that glistens with heartfelt melodies. Whether it is the details and diversity packed in “Ogny” or the creative compositions constructed in “Existential Universe,” Transcend delivers a full palette of colorful sound and is brimming with meticulous string work and brilliant percussion.


- Sean McLennan


Miles From Exile is:

DC - Vocals

Tony - Guitar

Justin - Guitar

Mike - Bass

Michal - Drums


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