Today, metal is not on the menu, but fortunately, some really killer punk rock is. Today I am taking the time to write about the most recent collection of tunes offered by punk rock prizewinners, Pastaways. Punk songs, as we know, are generally short and straight to the point. Full of raw sounding instrumentation, mistakes are often encouraged, top that off with an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude and your set. Pastaways does an exceptional job fitting this criteria, playing music that is live, fast and a damn good time to listen to. In May of 2015, West Chicago natives Pastaways released Music from the Mausoleum: Volume 1, a collection of music from the Mausoleum numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Composed of 15 songs in total, each song contains high energy and is catchy as hell. The newest assortment of songs is packed with engaging vocal melodies and plenty of sing alongs. Throughout the album you will notice an old school vibe with a personalized touch and when I say personalized touch, I am referring to the haunting quality that this album possesses. Vintage horror comic book imagery displayed on their prior album covers compliments song titles such as, “Wolfman Jr.,” “OMG I’m A Vampire” and “Daywalker,” indicating Pastaways heavy influence of blood and terror. My personal favorite track “Tegasaurus,” is filled with upbeat tempo, persistent switch ups and quite the memorable chorus, a great example of what this band provides for the listener.

            This is a band that has the confidence and know how to seduce any person that claims to be a fan of punk or anyone for that matter, so check them out and enjoy!

For Fans of: The Misfits, AFI, Social Distortion


- Sean McLennan


Pastaways is:

Ben Eads - Vocals

Bernt (BC) Carlson - Drums

Vic Riley - Guitar

Darin Hatcher - Guitar

Todd Maier - Bass

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          "Blending hip hop with metal music has always been forbidden ground and has been questioned by fans on both sides of the spectrum for many years. Going all the way back to the late eighties to one of the most infamous collaborations in rap metal history, we had Public Enemy featuring Anthrax. The electric chaos mixed with the hip hop style flow and lyrics made for a very energetic diversion. Bands like the almighty Rage Against The Machine proved that you could blend groovy riffs with gritty rhymes, paving the way for more modern acts such as Hacktivist, to gain widespread attention and continue to morph the genre into what it is today.

Fox Lake, Illinois natives, A Dying Ultimatum, will be releasing their first full length album Oceanic Death Cloud on June 18th and to be clear this is one band that is not afraid to take risks and own up to the afore mentioned genre. The debut album is a melting pot of sounds, combining nifty breakdowns and elaborate poetry. Comprised of three separate vocalists, A Dying Ultimatum offer a variety of different singing styles. Sli V Hazie serves up intricate metaphors with a one two punch delivery while fiendish screams and catching choruses add layers to this bands unique foundation.

          The ingredients included in this melting pot are not only the heavy hitting tracks such as, “No More,” “My Dirge,” and “Sup Numb,” but also some very interesting cover tunes. Songs like “Uptown Funk” and “All I Do Is Win,” are revamped and given a fresh metal makeover.

          Oceanic Death Cloud is a reminder to us as listeners to keep an open mind and see the music from multiple perspectives. Make sure to keep an eye out for Oceanic Death Cloud being released on June 18th, enjoy!"

For Fans of: Emmure, P.O.D, Reflections, (hed) p.e.


- Sean McLennan


A Dying Ultimatum is:

Chris Heartless-Clean Vocals

Simon Dean-Screams


Kolosis-Bass Guitar

Professor H3ritic - Guitar

Sli V Hazie-Vocals/Crowd Control


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You can also find the band's past interviews from being on our show here!