Considering the formation of “deathcore” came to be in my era, it is no secret that I thoroughly enjoy the integration of sounds this sub-genre has to offer. However, one thing is necessary when it comes to what I look for in this highly competitive and often saturated style of metal and that is cajones.

War Paint, the brand new four track EP from Chicago outfit RYNO, provides an invigorating blend of massive breakdowns, high speed blasts, a malicious vocal attack and lastly, giant cajones. Apart from the uncanny introduction displaying sounds of thunderstorms and the pulse of a Native American drum, War Paint delivers 17 minutes of brain bashing deathcore. “The Raindance” serves as a great opening track, which concludes with the only bit of clean style singing you will hear throughout the four songs, lending great contrast to the emphatic opening of the next track, “Ruckus.” Ending the EP off properly is the track “Taipan,” which offers some of RYNO’s heaviest work to date. This track is my personal favorite and for good reason, it maintains a constant level of energy throughout the whole song and is the most technical on this release.

           As opposed to their debut release, Nothing Left  (July 2015), which offered more melodies, War Paint demonstrates a blistering execution from start to finish. Dynamic in it’s own right, War Paint provides tuneful switch-ups to break apart the barrage of heaviness. Clearly RYNO wrote this EP with vicious intentions and showcase a great deal of competency, so I urge readers to check this out right away.

Ryno War Paint (2016)


- Sean McLennan


RYNO is:

Mark Morse-Vocals

Jesse Carrera-Guitar

Danny Ritzema-Guitar

Tyler Crady-Drums

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           When I first discovered San Antonio quartet, Darkness Divided, I could immediately tell that there was something special about this band. It was the video for the single, “Redeemer,” that got me acquainted with this group of extraordinary musicians. Completely blown away by the proficiency demonstrated, I was taken back by this bands ability to execute the various elements of metalcore in such a flawless fashion. Since then, Darkness Divided have come a long way in a short period of time and their newest self titled album is certainly a confirmation of their hard work.

The sophomore release,  Darkness Divided, begins with “The Point Of No Return,” which starts with an escalating riff that quickly erupts in upheaval. The opening track is an ideal indicator of what transpires thereafter. The collection of songs that follow are loaded with energy, flaunting smooth songwriting skills from start to finish. Interlacing intricate riffs with explosive breakdowns in songs like, “The Answer,” “Misery,” and “Deliverance,” Darkness Divided take a more technical approach to their sound. In contrast, “Wake Of the End” and “Mirror Of Death,” offer more subdued qualities, allowing balance to round this album out. An air tight pulse presented by drummer Hayden Allen, falls directly in line with the string work, generating a diligent symmetry. Vocalist Gerard Mora projects thought-provoking lyrics with a raw technique, while Sebastian Elizondo delivers charming cleans and complex guitar licks.

           With their brand new self titled release, Darkness Divided have reinvigorated a dormant subgenre. This band has a knack for writing quality music and what I love most is their use of heavy formula and ability to build on it without sounding the same as every other band in this field.

Darkness Divided - Darkness Divided  (Released on April 22nd, 2016 on Victory Records)


- Sean McLennan


Darkness Divided is:

Gerard Mora - Vocals

Sebastian Elizondo - Guitar/Vocals

Joseph Mora - Bass

Hayden Allen - Drums


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