Genotype’s third album, G.E.3, is like an otherworldly musical adventure.  It picks you up in the middle of a dissonant riff and transports you onto a high-tech craft hurtling through the cosmos on a dangerous, but important mission.  The guiding force behind this interstellar journey is the one and only Charlie Esposito.  Charlie does not get the kind of recognition he deserves for being a thoughtful and gifted musician.  He is exceptional!  He is not only master of the riff, songwriter, and programmer, but he is also the recording engineer for the album.  There is a lot going on with every song on G.E.3, and the clarity and tone of everything throughout - including the skillful use of sounds and effects to accent and enhance different sections and transitions - is fantastic.


If anyone can stand alongside Charlie and help drive the ship, it’s Shaun Combee on guitar and Justin Krotz on bass.  There are a number of intricate riffs on this album and they come at you fast.  Shaun not only plays them meticulously, but he brings his personalityand enthusiasm to them, intensifying the overall dynamic of the song.  Laying down the low end and bringing the heavy when it’s needed, which is always, Justin stands toe-to-toe, adding depth and weight, and has a number of killer bass lines that demand attention.


If they are the driving force, then the ship is being powered by the highly esteemed Remington Roberts on drums.  Remington’s drum attack is both detailed and almost machine like in its precision.  His footwork is spectacular and his varied rhythms and fills on the rest of the kit are well thought out and executed to perfection.  While highly aggressive, there is also a lot of finesse on this album and some very tasteful and dynamic sections.


      Still, every ship needs a captain and commander – someone people can look to, to lead the charge.  Kadie Kirby is that captivating force. Her tone is very versatile and can be almost delicate and inviting, and yet vicious and hostile.  Soothing like a warm embrace, her clean tone phrasing and style can almost sound like a mythical kind of siren, calling out to draw you in, draw you closer.  Then, just when everything seems peaceful and serene, she strikes out and thrashestoward you, tearing at you like an aggravated force of nature.  It’s when she’s singing like this that the band, to me, is at their best, mostly because they’re at their heaviest, but I also just think her tone is phenomenal – really one of the best I’ve heard!If you have not seen Genotype live, it can be amusing.  You can see in the crowd some of the people that are new to Genotype, and when Kadie steps to the front of the stage, they see this petite little thing and don’t know what to expect.  In fact, some of them have a look like they don’t expect much.  And then it begins.  And you can see it on their faces.  Holy shit!  This girl is a bad ass!  And it’s true.  She is.  She is the perfect commander and chief ofG.E.3.


In the end, this album makes me think and really have to be mindful to take it all in.  I feel like I’m listening to intelligence personified through music.  Like I’m in some kind of sci-fi thriller, but I’m just along for the ride, so I get to sit back and take it all in while the pros do their job. 


There really is everything I look for in a great album.  There is what I refer to as “bounce” and killer riffage on songs like Cyberfi and Silence.  In fact Silence is one of my favorite songs on the album with an incredible amount of power and energy.  It has a cool synth riff to begin with and then at one point it’s like a molecular generator on the ship has been hit and there’s a pulsating power surge that’s out of control.  It’s riveting!


    There are also a couple of nice surprises and some interesting sections that really help create the overall mood and dynamic of the album.  Although you may be familiar with Genotype having a slower song in the mix, it’s still a departure within the context of G.E.3.  Lightworker is that song on this album.  Again, the clean tone and vocal phrasing is interesting and unique and there are some really nice vocal harmonies on the recording.  Combined with the melodic, acoustic guitar work and tastefully placed drums, this song almost puts you in a trance.  Then,The Dreamstarts with a whisper and synth, and although you know it’s coming, just like in a good thriller, you still jump when the vocals tear through the veil and lash out at you.  


In Synastrythe bass really comes through and Temple of Saturn has a cool trippy break down.  The biggest surprise on the album to meis, Praeteritus.  While it is definitely still Genotype, it took on more of a techno kind of feel and reminded me of being at a rave.  That got me to thinking that this intelligent life form that is G.E.3 would look amazingly well played at some sort of edgy fashion show on a stage alongside the runway, or at some kind of intergalactic sci-fi comic con.  It may seem crazy, but that would definitely be out of this world!


   All joking aside, Genotype's G.E.3 (released on October 13th, 2017) is a must listen.  A must own.  On top of their game, Genotype definitely brings it!


- Pauly B.



Genotype Is:

Kadie- Vocals
Charlie- Guitars/Programming
Shaun - Guitars
Justin - Bass Guitars

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Bastard's Asylum, a death metal band based out of Kenosha, WI., released their "Self titled" EP this year. This groove oriented and breakdown heavy recording, consists of four intensely exciting numbers that are sure to please.

Four talents make up Bastard's Asylum, Timmy Bastard [Vocals & Bass], Denny Berkery [Lead Guitar], Vince Taulbee [Rhythm Guitar] and Corey Fox [Drums].


Bastard's Asylum is the offspring of a group Timmy and Vince started in 2003 called Bloodrites (pre-Devangelist, which is another ensemble Timmy excellently plays bass for). Eleven years later in 2014, former Devangelist members, Matt Ostrander and Denny teamed up with Timmy and Vince, subsequently becoming Bastard's Asylum. Fast forward a year, bringing us into 2015, Corey Fox joined the band and began writing the songs that these skilled chaps recorded on this CD.


We begin with track one, Why Not. The drums give this jam an extra oomph, sounding sexy and slow. The meaning behind these lyrics is so punk rock, about going against the people that tell you how to live your life, inadvertently making me enjoy the song that much more.


Track two, Redemption is actually the first song Timmy and Vince ever wrote as Bloodrites. Redemption is simply awesome. The lyrics, “Are you ready for your fucking redemption” has such a hard core energy feel.


The guitar riffs are superb on track three, Lost Soul. This number is about battling addiction.


The fourth and final cut, Coked Out Cancer Puncher, is tragically a true story about a man who sadly losses his mind by the hand of drugs. Consequently, said man attacks a group of cancer patients because his sick mind believes that cancer killed his family. I liked the way this track ended, abruptly and leaving listeners, well at least myself, wanting to listen to the recording all over again.


This culminating, loose as well as head – bobbing EP is sound. I also recommend checking out Bastard's live. Timmy's liveliness and exhilaration on stage is not only entertaining to watch, but you can really feel how much he digs this music.


Bastard's Asylum - "Bastard's Aslym" (2017, Self Titled EP)


- Jenny Holland


Bastard's Asylum Is:

Timmy Bastard -Vocals & Bass

Denny Berkery - Lead Guitar

Vince Taulbee - Rhythm Guitar

Corey Fox - Drums


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